Bialetti St. Clare 8" Bread Knife

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Packing Size:

Bialetti Bread knife with acacia handle and titanium re-enforced black coated blade.

Size: 8.0inch

- Titanium re-enforced black coated stainless steel blade. 

- Scratch Resistant. 
- Unique natural wood handle with variation in colour & grain.
- Modern European design.
- 10 year manufacture warranty.

Care Instructions:
- Wash in warm soapy water before use and dry thoroughly.

- For best results, use mild non-abrasive cleaner and soft of a sponge.
- Not suitable for dishwasher use.
- Ensure knife is dry before storing.
- Regularly sharpen the blade with sharpening steel to maintain a sharp cutting edge.
- Lightly polish acacia handle with vegetable oil to maintain the finish of the wood.
- Store securely and safely in a knife holder.
- Do not stack knives on top of one another.

- Secure blister pack