Coffee Culture FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Are your product suitable for dishwasher?

A: Even though Coffee Culture is made from Quality Materials, hand wash is preferred to prolong the life of the product.


Q: How do I know what coffee ground to use?

A: Please see table below, you will able to find the perfect grind for your machine



Q: What is the ideal water temperature needed to make the perfect cup of coffee?

A: The optimum temperature the water should reach in order to create the perfect cup of coffee is between 91c and 96c, this will be the best temperature to release the flavours and aromas of the coffee. Remember never to use boiling water (100c or over), boiling water will burn your coffee as it gets poured creating a bitter taste, please allow the water to cool down for few minutes before you start pouring. If the water is lower than the temperature recommended, the full potential of the aromas and flavours won’t be released.

Coffee Culture Goose Neck Kettle comes equipped with a built in thermometer which allows you to monitor the temperature of your water.


Q: What is the best way to pour water into the pour over dripper?

A: A Coffee Culture Goose Neck Kettle is the recommended for this type of brewing to create the perfect cup of coffee. The design of the goose neck spout will allow you to have better control of the pouring.

First step is to slowly pour a small amount of water into the dripper in a circular motion until the coffee is soaked, wait for 30 seconds and allow for the coffee to “bloom” or release CO2. After 30 seconds slowly pour the remaining water in a circular motion. Please note, the more water you pour the weaker the coffee will come out.


Q: Is the coffee culture goose neck kettle suitable for induction?

A: our goose neck kettle is suitable for all cook tops including induction.

Please note, induction cook top has a built in safety feature which will allows the element to only turn on if more than 95% of its surface is covered by the kettle’s base (please check your cook top's care instructions, this information may vary between brands). We recommend using an element with a 12cm in diameter.


Q: What is the warranty on the Coffee Culture product?

A: Our product is made from quality materials and manufactured under our strict quality standards. We are confident you will receive many years of great coffee brewing. However in the unlikely events of any fault, coffee culture offers a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty on all of our product.

Please note, warranty does not cover misuse of the item or used in a way it’s not intended for.


Q: How do I claim warranty?

A: Simply send an email to our friendly staff at Coffee Culture with your name, best contact number, the issue and we will happily contact you within 48 hours to help resolve the issue.

Please include in your email an image of your receipt showing proof of purchase and date, as well as an image of the faulty item.